Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Etosha National Park is located in the northern region of Namibia and takes up an area of somewhere around 22000 square kilometers. It is pretty much the coolest place I have ever been to. Sometimes it looks pretty barren, but you can turn a corner and there is a herd of elephant staring you in the face. There was a constant feeling of anticipation for what was to be seen next. I had plenty of time to see it all too. I spent three days staying in the middle camp called Halali, which was very nice. Nice meals every day, a pool, hot showers, comfy beds, and a fridge to hold my chocolate so it didn't melt. Day one was spent coming into the park from the south and working our way east to Halali. On this day we saw rhino, hyena, elephant, and loads of antelope. Day two started early and ended late, because we needed to see as much of the park as possible. We visited the pan, which is thought to be a long dried up lake that is 4500 square kilometers, and after about 10 hours of driving the park we got back to the camp for some rest. The last day we headed east through the park to see the last bit and exit through the east gate. This is the day that we saw a few more elephants, and most importantly a couple of lions. This trip was perfect. I had always dreamt of going to Africa to see the wildlife and that is exactly what I got here. The pictures I'll add to this post will not do this place justice, but they are still pretty cool to see anyway.