Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Cubs

Stitch, Rainbow, and Aurora are the female cheetah cubs kept in the centre pens at CCF. Visitors can see them get fed around 1:30 everyday. These cats are not likely to be releasable since they were brought in at such a young age, because if a cat is too used to humans it is more likely to approach something like a farm and get itself shot and killed. These cats still act like wild cats, though. Aurora and Rainbow will come running at the fence while hissing and spitting if you get too close to it. Stitch, however, tends to stay towards the back of the pen during feeding time. This may have something to do with the fact that Stitch's bones grew atypically due to a lack of minerals in her diet during development. This occurred before she arrived at CCF, and now that she is here she gets a special diet of chicken necks that are high in calcium. Despite her limp she is still a happy cheetah that will run and play with the other two cubs. All the cheetahs here have had hard times, that is often the reason they end up here, but if all goes well then they will recover just fine and get back out into the wild.

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