Saturday, 30 November 2013

Last Week

I have been in Namibia for nine weeks. It sounds like a good chunk of time, but in reality is isn't all that long. Even though the time I have spent here is relatively short; I have met so many people and done so many things. Feeding cheetahs, medicating goats, creating displays, exercising cheetahs, counting animals in the wild, walking dogs, cleaning pens, performing necropsies, staring at the Namibian stars, shooing scorpions out of my room, getting sunburnt, playing card games late into the night, getting a bacterial infection, and watching sunsets from a water tower. I may have got carried away there, but I think that list gives you a glimpse into what it was like to work for CCF for this time span. Still to come in the next week is a trip to Etosha National Park. The wildlife there is phenomenal, and I have been waiting for this trip my whole internship. I'm still not done working, though. Projects need to be finished and animals still need to be taken care of. This last week is gonna fly by.

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