Friday, 22 November 2013


LSGD stands for Livestock Guard Dogs. There are quite a few of them here at CCF, and they play a crucial role. They are usually Kangals or Anatolian Shepherds in breed. They grow to be very large, which is a good thing because they need to be a presence when they are out in the wild with their herd. These dogs grow up with a herd of livestock around them at all times, and they see this herd as their family. This means when the herd goes out to graze the dogs will go with them and protect them while they are vulnerable out in the bush. Having a Livestock Guard Dog is one of the best steps a farmer can make towards decreasing human-predator conflict. Here at CCF, we provide farmers with these dogs so that predators can be kept away from livestock in a nonlethal manner. We breed the dogs here on site, and when they are around 10 weeks old they are sent off around Africa to start their life with a herd. Dogs must be kept here so that they can be bred to make more future protectors. Thirteen dogs are here currently, but they don't all serve as breeders. Some go out with our own herd of goats each day to protect them, others have been had to be taken back from the farms they were sent to because of health issues, and some are retired dogs that we like to keep around. I am lucky in that I get to spend quite a bit of time around these dogs each day. I may be cleaning their pens, giving them a walk, giving physical check ups to make sure they are healthy, or even providing medication. If only I could take on of the puppies home from the next litter, I'm sure they would also make great pets.

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